Fahmi Zaïri教授学术报告:Multi-scale mechanics and Coupled mechanics
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报告题目:Multi-scale mechanics and Coupled mechanics

报 告 人:Fahmi Zaïri  教授



        办:能源与动力工程学院  流体及动力机械教育部重点实验室



Professor Fahmi Zaïri

Born in France, Fahmi Zaïri received his Bachelor degree and his Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Lille University of Science and Technology. He carried out his Ph.D. in the same university, investigating the relationship between the mechanical response and the deformation mechanisms of solid polymers by using, hand-in-hand, experimental and modeling approaches. From September 2005 till mid 2012, he was Assistant Professor at the Lille University of Science and Technology and then, from mid 2012 till August 2014, he was Associate Professor at the same university. Since September 2014, he is Full Professor. He has published about 60 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals. His main research and teaching interests are on constitutive response, damage, fatigue and fracture of polymer systems including microstructure-property relationship.