Key Laboratory of Fluid and Power Machinery (Xihua University), Ministry of Education
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Xihua University founded the first bachelor degree program in hydraulic machinery in the southwest of China, and established a laboratory of hydraulic machinery at the same time. In 1995, this laboratory was approved as the key laboratory among universities in SichuanProvince. In 2009, the Laboratory of Fluid and Power Machinery was established and was authorized by the Ministry of Education as the Province and State Key Laboratory Breeding Base. In 2013, it was officially approved as the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education.


The Key Laboratory of Fluid and Power Machinery, Ministry of EducationLFPM is an engineering laboratory engaged in basic application researches. The main research areas are the research and engineering application of fluid flow theory in hydrodynamic machinery, the digital design and manufacture of hydrodynamic machinery, the integration and innovation of hydrodynamic mechanical system, the research and development of oil and gas chemical equipments and tools, and the modern intelligent agriculture. In recent years, the research level of modern agriculture in hydrodynamic machinery has been improved by recruiting high-level talents in agricultural technology.

LFPM has 55 researchers, including 27 professors and 10 associate professors. Among them, 48 have doctor’s or master’s degrees. They have obtained a lot of scientific achievements. In recent years, LFPM has undertook eleven projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, won seven awards above the provincial level, authorized ten invention patents, and wrote more than 130 academic papers indexed by three major retrieval systems. In recent years, China begins to emphasize the foundation effect of agriculture, and pays much attention to agricultural science and technology innovation. This laboratory also made large investments in agricultural technology, and has obtained remarkable achievements.

LFPM has an area of 4,100 m2. The total cost of the equipment assets is more than 30 million Yuan. LFPM has a large fluid mechanical test bench, a pump and valve test bench, and a wind tunnel. It is equipped with a 3D PIV testing system from TSI in U.S., a 3D Laser Doppler Velocimetry and particle dynamic analyzer system LDV(PDPA), a high speed camera (RDT16-4G), a 3D hot-wire/hot-film anemometer, an online monitoring system for the vibration of hydroelectric generating set (EN900), a performance testing system of fluid machinery (PXI), and other high precision equipments. It also has high performance cluster servers (DAWNING A620r-G and A840r-G), and a LENOVO high-performance graphics workstation (S20-4105). The commercial software installed include  ANSYS-CFD15.0 (CFX&Fluent), Adina®V8.4, Numeca® V8.10, Ansys® V10.0, Flowmaster® V6.5, UG ® V1.0, CGTech/Vericut® V5.0, EDEM®, Cfturbo® V9.0, MpCCI® V4.1, and ARMD®.



3D Printer




Wind tunnel


Open pump and valve test bench



TRPIV  testing system



LDV testing system




CFD computing center